Wellan Ring Water Treatment

The WELLAN® 2000 Ring

THE ORIGINAL | No Chemistry
No Electricity | No Magnets

The WELLAN® 2000 Ring

THE ORIGINAL | No Chemistry
No Electricity | No Magnets


How Wellan®
Rings Work

Wellan® Ring Applications

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Our mission: Dissolve & Prevent Rust, Limescale & Bio-Film

WELLAN® 2000 Rings: No chemicals, no electricity, no magnets, easy 5 min installation and no cutting of pipes. Ultrafine vibrations from quantum physics are the solution! Our devices are maintenance free and the payback is just within the first year. Our customers have saves hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

For example: A simple fire tube boiler (60 HP) which had issues of scaling around the tubes saved $3500 in yearly boiler cleaning and $2400 in yearly chemicals used to treat the boiler from scale.  A savings of almost $6000.00.

Our easy to install rings works on standing and fast-flowing water, stops rusting and oxidizing, scale build up and prevents micro-bio-fouling like e-coli and even legionella.

The function of WELLAN® 2000 works on the science of quantum physics, which offers many interesting possibilities. Our products prove this. WELLAN® 2000 has thousands of applications world-wide and is used in Industrial, Commercial and Residential sector.  

WELLAN® 2000 has the right solution for every water problem. 

We manufacture WELLAN® 2000 Rings in sizes from 1/2 inches to 72 inches. It should be emphasized again that our devices (rings) not only clears the pipes, stops rust and scaling  but “WELLAN® 2000” makes a significant contribution to going green.

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