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The WELLAN 2000 Ring

THE ORIGINAL | No Chemistry
No Electricity | No Magnets


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Our mission: Better water

WELLAN 2000: No chemicals, no electricity, no magnets. Ultrafine vibrations from quantum physics are the solution!

Acts in standing and fast-flowing water, stops rusting and oxidizing, clears the pipes, improves drinking water quality.

Although this technology of improving water and its effects is still not so well known, this method is already used in many other areas. Think of computer technology, magnetic stripes on credit cards, photography, CDs, etc. There are well-known physicists who are working on the development of a quantum computer. One would like to use the storage capacity of a liquid molecule, eg water, which is infinite at a certain level.

So the function and effectiveness of the WELLAN 2000 has nothing to do with belief, but is simply a future-oriented technology from quantum physics, which offers many interesting possibilities. Our products prove this. WELLAN 2000 for: private households and in industry. We can look back on over a thousand very satisfied customers. We sell all over Germany and worldwide.

WELLAN 2000 has the right solution for every water problem. The largest pipe diameter of the pipe, which was equipped with WELLAN 2000, was 40 inches. It should be emphasized again that our water treatment plant not only clears the pipes and stops rusting and oxidizing, but “WELLAN 2000” makes a significant contribution to overcoming our environmental problems.

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