Wellan Ring Water Treatment Innovation

A variety of water treatment systems already exist for commercial and residential use. Unfortunately, many of these systems rely on harsh chemicals, electro-signals or magnets. Chemical systems contribute to the corrosion and decay of the systems they are applied to. Electro-signal systems do nothing to deal directly with the problem and are deployed for maintenance notifications when a system reaches a predetermined inefficient state. Magnet systems deal with iron only, causing the treated area to clog with the attracted iron particles resulting in the expensive replacement of entire pipe sections.

In addition to his work as a non-medical practitioner, Klaus Wagner, the inventor of the Wellan Ring, has dedicated himself to Wellan Ring water treatment for over 30 years. In the early nineties Klaus invented an innovative bio-signal water treatment device. With a great deal of work and insightful thought, the device was further enhanced in collaboration with other private institutes. The result has been the development of a water treatment device which is able to clear furred up pipes, stop corrosion and improve drinking-water quality with functionality whether the water is standing or flowing and regardless of the rate of flow. “The solution is WELLAN 2000, a bio-signal Wellan Ring water treatment device”, which satisfies all of the above requirements to the fullest extent. The problem of pin-holed and rusted pipes has always come first and the aim has been to keep the pipes free from deposits and corrosion.

Corrosion (rust), Lime Scale, algae/microbiological problems and Crude Oil Impurities (paraffin wax) are common problems in many piped systems. The Wellan Ring water treatment system detaches the oxidation, lime, corrosion, algae or paraffin and restricts more from developing. What’s even more impressive is that this technology does it without the use of chemicals or energy input systems of any type after its manufacturing. Huge savings have been documented from the reduced need for cleaning equipment, like boilers for example. Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers save on chemicals and make for an environmentally friendly work place. A great advantage is that the performance and thermal transference of a system is maintained at a constant and optimum level with no additional deposits being formed to deter transfer of heat and loss of efficiency in the system.

Today, we now supply a matured, future-oriented product capable of covering all the sectors of water treatment as a non-invasive solution;

Wellan Ring Water Treatment System

Its oscillation technology emits waves that neutralize 37 strains of Legionella diseases, algae, biofilm, calcium, corrosion, E. coli, rust, and scale. The ring doesn’t use UV, magnets, or electricity and requires no maintenance. Installation is non intrusive on the exterior of any sized pipe.