There is nothing better than actually contacting us! Nevertheless, the following always come up during presentations and Q & A sessions:

1: How long does the Wellan collar last?

Wellan has been used for a number of years now without having to be recharged. When Wellan collars are exposed to heavy electrical current like welding it has to be recharged for a fee.

2: How long do the oscillations travel?

They travel for a number of miles but their affectivity is compromised by electrical forces in nature. It is recommended that each equipment like a boiler/HE/CT etc. be serviced by one Wellan collar for best results. Multiple uses is not recommended at all.

3: What powers the Wellan Collar?

Wellan is like a CD/DVD self-powered and does not require an outside source just as magnets do not. It emits oscillation in the same manner as any element in nature.

4: Will one Wellan collars take care of all flow rates/rust/lime scale/algae?

One ring does it all. You do not need a different Collar for slower or faster flow rates. Specific collars are only made when there is a problem element or bio film that Wellan may not have encountered.

5: What is the Wellan collar made of?

Aluminum, steel, and various trace elements are used to make a Wellan collar. Trace elements are necessary since certain oscillations do not program well on aluminum or steel.

6: Would I feel the oscillations if I touched the ring?

As much as you do not feel the power of magnet or from a metal rod, you would not feel any oscillations from the Wellan collar.

7: How do you program the Wellan?

With a proprietary laser technology, based on Quantum Physics. *The process has not been patented, as it would divulge too much information and open the doors for counterfeiting and fraud.

8: Is one Wellan collar sufficient for a one family residential house?

Yes, installed on the inlet of the main line. In large apartment complexes it is recommended that one Wellan ring be installed at the mains and each on the boilers, HE/CT etc.

9: If I have brown/green water will it cure the situation?

In a matter of weeks this problem will disappear.

10: The water in the Condenser line emits foul odor!

The odor will disappear within weeks. Bio-film causing the odor and clogging will clear out. The pressure meter will show a reduction resulting in a free flow of liquid.

11: Should I stop using chemicals after the installation of Wellan rings on a Cooling Tower?

No, reduce about 20% each month. This will allow the scale to release the bacterial colonies in the scale and chemicals will kill the bacteria upon contact otherwise there will be a rise in count. Wellan will then take over killing bacteria without the help of chemicals. This period also gives the Wellan oscillations to build up in the water body. Cleaning of the holding pans and strainers may be necessary depending upon the blown in debris in the tower.

12: Is this oscillation technology similar to nuclear energy?

No, nuclear energy is released only when the atom in destroyed. Oscillations are what a complete atom or molecule emit in an intact form.

13: How can I know the Wellan rings are working?

There are many ways to get to know this. One, the pressure differential between the inlet and the out let, the thermal differential also gives a clear indication of the function of the ring. Water test to check on iron content and TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids) If there is a presence of a high degree of scale in the system, the iron as well as TDS test will show a steep rise in the readings, this will level off at a certain stage, only to drop down sometime later to the content level of the incoming water from the mains. How long it will stay at the level-off stage depends upon how much scale or deposits there are in the system.

Visual inspection is a great way to determine the function of the ring. The Cooling tower will not show signs of deposit, scale, algae or oxidation. Any deposit will disintegrate and disappear so long as the CT water is in contact with the scale. The water in the holding tank will remain clear. The bacterial count will remain very low or show nil readings. In Boilers the annual inspection will show no scale, oxidation or deposits upon opening the inspection cover. Heat exchanger thermal transfer will, improve and remain at an optimum level. There will be no necessity to clean the strainers but inspection is always necessary and recommended. Blow down are a part of regular maintenance and should be carried out constantly. Normally only clean water will be seen. If the blow down is on auto-replenish device then there is not much to worry except a regular check of the real blow down water Recommended setting for the Conductivity level is 8500.