Legionnaires’ Disease & Water Treatment

Wellan Rings Reduce Operating Costs by Restoring System Efficiency and Reducing Maintenance cost and Chemical Usage in  every Relevant Application!

New Article about Legionnaire's Disease increasing in the world.

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Water Treatment is critical in many Industries for efficiency and cost control. Water based HVAC systems are common and can often be a high variable expense based on the water quality within the loop(s). Loss of efficiency equates to greater expense in operations. Wellan Rings improve system efficiency by descaling pipes, evaporators and heat exchangers, preventing rescaling and removing and controlling biological infiltration.


Any Business or Industry with Water Based HVAC Heating and or Cooling Systems can benefit from Wellan Ring Water Treatment by eliminating scaling and biological intruders as well as prevention in new and existing systems.

Wellan Rind Water Treatment Reduces Evaporator Maintenance and Greatly Reduces the use of Toxic Chemicals.

Expensive manual maintenance and downtime can be greatly reduced with the use of Wellan Rings for water treatment. The use of toxic chemicals for the control of biological intruders into closed water systems can be dramatically reduced or eliminated, contributing to lower operating expenses on several lines of a company’s profit and loss statement improving not just the   work environment but can improve local ecosystems as well. Reducing environmental damage  liabilities for a business and at the same time opening positive public relations opportunities is  a win – win situation for communities and industries.


Algae and Pathogens that can foul water systems are eliminated and prevented from returning.

Bio-control of waterborne pathogens using Wellan Rings Wellan Rings Reduce or Eliminate Legionella.

The Wellan Ring oscillation technology emits waves that neutralize 37 strains of Legionella diseases (Legionnaires Disease), algae, biofilm, calcium, corrosion, E. coli, rust, and scale.


Oil Extraction and Transport Systems  can benefit from the reduction of Paraffin Issues.

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Wellan Rings improve the flow efficiency within any piped system by eliminating and preventing the  deposition of any byproduct or contaminant that will build up over time. By harnessing the the power of Interference Oscillations, Wellan Ring fluid treatment moves beyond water systems and can restore system efficiency, reduce maintenance and chemical usage to reduce expenses for many heavy industries!