Brooklyn Children’s Museum Water Treatment Results


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Project: Initiated by the New York City (NYC) Department of Design and Construction (DDC), July 2011 for the Brooklyn Children’s’ Museum (BCM).

The BCM has an Open Loop Geothermal system for heating and cooling the building.

The BCM geothermal system was experiencing water treatment quality problems prior to the installation of the rings, which endangered the viability of the system. Iron, other mineral deposits, including bacterial biofilm forming on the well screens, particularly the diffusion well screens, reduced flow and eventually made the wells ineffective. The Wellan rings were installed to determine if the device would be able to reduce bacterial and mineral buildup on the well screen and minimize future deposits on associated piping.

Installation: Wellan 2000 Rings (6 inch pipe diameter) installed on the supply and return water piping at the BCM.

Testing Methodology: In order to measure the performance of the Wellan rings, the following BCM system parameters were selected for monitoring from February 1, 2010 through June 31, 2010. The same parameters were monitored over the period December 2010 to May 2011


  1. System flow rates with the HVAC system manually adjusted for a full well water flow condition.
  2. Well water supply pressure.
  3. Well water return back pressure.
  4. Periodic well water quality testing.
  5. Deterioration of any of these parameters would indicate that the Wellan rings may not be working.

Results: Independent Review and Reporting was performed and completed by independent emelson consulting engineers.

Test Results:

  1. System Flow Rates – indicated no signs of deterioration for the observation period of May 2011 to June 2011 (no appreciable change in flow rate as of Nov. 2013) . The well water treatment system performed well throughout this period with no reported problems.
  2. Well Water Supply Pressure – well pump discharge pressure and heat pump supply header pressure showed some variation from month to month but did not indicate a tendency for increasing which would be an indication of building system flow blockage.
  3. Well Water Return Head Pressure – return pressure had increased substantially from measurements made in 2010, currently 14 psig vs. 5 psig in 2010. This increased back pressure in the diffusion wells is attributable to the silt buildup.
  4. Visual Inspection of Problem Valve – When the problem valve was removed from the system on June 27,2011, there was little to no iron buildup on the valve.
Before and After Wellan Ring Water Treatment

Iron Oxide Removal and Prevention

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Wellan Ring Water Treatment BCM Results Report