Karjan Unit Prestige TTK Results

Some information about Prestige TTK:

  1. The TTK Group was founded in 1928 as an indenting agency. Mr. T.T. Krishnamachari pioneered organized distribution in India.
  2. The young dynamic businessman setup distribution for a wide range of products ranging from Foods, Personal care products, Writing instruments, to Ethical products. Distribution for various brands like Cadbury’s, MaxFactor, Kiwi, Kraft, Sunlight, Lifebuoy, Lux, Ponds, Brylcreem, Kellogg’s, Ovaltine, Horlicks, Mcleans, Sheaffer’s, Waterman’s & many more were established.
  3. Today the TTK group spans 30 product categories with 7 group companies and a turnover that crosses 30 Billion rupees. The group company products reach every continent of the world.
  4. TTK Prestige Ltd. is the flagship company of the group.

Problem Identification

The following problems have been identified:

  1. Heavy rusting prevails in the piping system.
  2. As per process requirement water is processed through RO.
  3. As an adverse effect of pure water, there is high level of attack on MS lines resulting into heavy corrosion.
  4. Several photographs taken at source and application points.

Probable causes of corrosion

As such there are so many causes of corrosion, but several that relates in our case are as follows:

  1. Water Purity: Water that is produced via reverse osmosis tends to be aggressive. This product can affect metallic pipes and other substances that dissolve and ionize in water – not due to its acidity, but because of its high purity and lower levels of dissolved substances. The lower the water’s level of dissolved substances, the more aggressive the water is.
  2. Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) are bacteria that can obtain energy by oxidizing organic compounds or molecular hydrogen while reducing sulfate to hydrogen sulfide. Most sulfate-reducing bacteria can also reduce other oxidized inorganic sulfur compounds, such as sulfite, thiosulfate/elemental sulfur. Sulfate-reducing bacteria is the most important microbe for anaerobic corrosion of buried pipelines in soils. SRB can remove molecular hydrogen from the cathode, leading to cathodic depolarization of the metal surface. Iron sulfide or scale by SRB is accumulated on surfaces of metals, which accelerates the dissolution of the iron.

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