Wellan Ring Water Treatment

How Wellan® Rings Work

Beyond Theory – Method of Function

WELLAN® RINGS work through bio-signals, which have been stored in the rings’ interior. These signals penetrate all pipes and tubes to influence the water which is passing through. As a result, the vibrations or oscillations created in the water are changed in such a way that lime, rust, scale or bio-fouling matter no longer accumulate within a piped system and are washed out in minute particles.

The basis of this technology is the realization of the latest knowledge of modern quantum theory.

Frequency patterns from the ultra-fine range (quantum vibrations) are modulated onto WELLAN® RINGS by means of a laser technology.

WELLAN® RINGS consist of high-quality information storage materials (base material crystals) which are capable of storing such vibrations for indefinite periods of time and releasing them again. These vibrations penetrate any kind of material and they are absorbed by the water as interference or resonance vibrations (hydrogen bridges or water molecules). Within fractions of a second, this information passes through the pipe into the water and is effective even with high flow rates.

WELLAN® RINGS can be deployed for water of any quality. No chemical substances, magnetic fields or electromagnetic radiations are released into the environment.



What are oscillations?

Each elemental molecule has its own specific natural atomic/molecular oscillation. In simple terms, oscillations are best described as vibrations or waves that are given off by that element.

Molecules are made up of several atoms. Each molecule also has its own specific oscillation or waves. Molecules are formed when atoms of different elements fuse together. This fusion takes place due to a natural affinity. This attraction is caused by the oscillations emitted by the atoms. In other words, elements recognize each other by their unique oscillations. Thus oxygen is attracted to combine with 2 atoms of hydrogen to form water. If the oscillations of various atoms are neutralized their attraction ceases. That is the function of Wellan® emissions.

Whenever extra atoms are forcibly fused to form a molecule by the use of a catalyst, the resultant molecule is unstable and will break apart. Wellan® emissions cause such a situation, resulting in a breakdown within molecules. The dispersed atoms are then targeted by the ring to keep from restructuring.

What has Wellan® done to harness the power of these Oscillations?

Wellan® has isolated, mapped and store the molecular fundamental oscillations of various substances using our proprietary engineering software and equipment. Wellan® technology works using specifically modulated molecular oscillations not dependent upon magnetic forces or electrical pulses.

Based on these oscillations of elements and molecules, Wellan® has developed new opposite/equal active oscillations. The aim is to influence the original oscillation of the element that has been targeted through new active oscillations in such a way that the physical properties of the element or of the molecules are modified.

Today, Wellan® has a database containing almost all active oscillations, each with a specific task. These active oscillations are recorded within the Wellan® Rings in a similar way as writing on a data carrier (CD/DVD). These manufactured oscillations are then programmed into the Wellan® Ring and super imposed by a proprietary Laser Technology. This alloy can store an almost unlimited number of active oscillations and emit these to a liquid in a constant and stable format, independent of the ambient temperature. The active oscillations create a field within the ring, which penetrates all piping material and thus passes into the water or fluid. The Principle results in an “Interference“ or “Overlaying” of natural oscillations emitted by pollutants in the liquid.

Interference and Overlaying can best be described as cancelling sound using equal and opposite waves or playing two adjacent musical notes together to create another note.


(Fig 2) Rust Molecule & Effects of Interference

Green represents natural oscillations emitted by a Rust Molecule
Blue represents active oscillations emitted by Wellan® Rings as interference
Red represents the final oscillation results thus changing the physical properties of Rust

Just as sound waves can be cancelled so can oscillation of atoms, thus creating inert atoms that will neither attract or be attracted by its counterpart to form deposits or corrosion. This is a classic example of equal an opposite forces canceling each other out.


(Fig 3)

Green represents natural oscillations emitted by the Lime Scale Molecule
Blue represents active oscillations emitted by Wellan® Rings called “overlaying”
Red represents the final oscillation results thus changing the physical properties of Calcium carbonate. This is similar to playing two adjacent musical notes together to produce a different note.

Figure 3, above, shows how Wellan® Energy modifies elemental oscillations resulting in the change of physical properties of any molecule. The red line results from adding the blue line and green line. Since blue and green pass through the x-axis in the same points and the peaks are shown in the same direction, the amplitude of the resulting red line increases throughout. Again in this example, the physical properties of this element (Lime Scale) have been modified by altering oscillations. Lime scale will becomes soluble and easily flushed out.

Wellan® Does not use Magnets, UV or Electricity.  Our rings are self-powered on a quantum level!

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