Wellan Ring Water Treatment

Our Products

Wellan® World-Wide manufacturers two type of rings:

Wellan® 2000 Rings — This is the first type of ring we manufacture and it’s a fantastic solution for a chemical-free water treatment when corrosion/rust, lime scale, biological, bacteria, algae, etc. are the main problem. Installation of the rings are non intrusive and takes 5 min. Our rings secured around the outside of any sized pipe that requires water treatment. Wellan® Rings do not use UV, magnets, or electricity and require no maintenance. Wellan® Synergy has state of the art manufacturing capabilities and we’ll program Wellan® Rings to solve any challenging water treatment problems. By using our proprietary system, we program each ring for rust, limescale, algae, oxidation, fouling, legionella, and micro-biological issues.  One ring does it all regardless of water-flow and comes energized to emit oscillating frequencies on a molecular level. These oscillations will immediately start to go to work once the ring is installed. Install one of our rings and see for yourself. Thousands of successful applications on steam boilers (fire & tube), heat exchangers (plate and tube), cooling towers. Wellan® rings are made to fit 1/2″ to 72″ pipes.

Wellan® Power Ring — For use with diesel or gas to improve fuel economy via better combustion, reducing consumption by up to 15%! The Wellan® Power ring not only reduces fuel expenses but helps to reduce maintenance costs as well. Any company that would like to make a strong statement about Green Initiatives and Sustainability to reduce CO2 and other pollutants into the atmosphere and contribute to a better world for future generations should consider power rings for every fossil fuel consuming piece of equipment. Our power rings are also used in the crude oil field Industry for issues with the separation of paraffin wax and other oil deposits issues.

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